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Premarital Counseling

While no amount of counseling can perfectly prepare you for the challenges of marriage or can guarantee a problem-free relationship, premarital counseling is the best antidote to avoid marital strife or potential divorce. The goal of our counseling is to give you tools that give you the best possible chance to succeed as a couple.

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Marital Counseling

If you have you ever gotten stuck in mud, sand or snow then you know that it is hard to push yourself out and drive at the same time. Marriage Counseling is like having someone outside of your marriage lend a hand to help push your marriage out of a stuck place.

Conferences, Workshops, & Retreats

Pastor Jason and Dr. Sharon Perry have been married for 34 years. They are founders of Forever1 Marriage Ministries and have extensive experience speaking at marriage conferences, workshops, and retreats.

Interested in marital counseling with Jason and Sharon Perry?

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