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What is the New Normal?

I don’t know about you, but it seems that lately, I have more questions than answers:

  • What does the post-pandemic church look like?

  • Is the Sunday morning service where I need to continue focusing my energy?

  • How can the church get ahead of, rather than always being behind, the curve of innovation and creativity?

  • What trends do I need to be paying attention to?

  • Are there new mindsets we need to adopt, innovations we need to consider, paradigm shifts we need to make?

  • What type of leaders do we need to lead us into the future?

These are challenging questions, but ones that need to be asked as leaders. We must discern what types of changes and shifts we need to make to lead FROM the future not just move forward into the future.

We must discern what types of changes and shifts we need to make to lead FROM the future not just move forward into the future. #oaktreeleadership Click to Tweet

In his excellent blog on Leadership, Carey Nieuwhof, states that “even without the emergence of another global crisis or virus variant (both of which are plausible), 2022 will be a year where the new 'normalized' world will further emerge.”

So what is new normal?

Nieuwhof identifies 12 trends that he is watching and suggests that leaders consider and watch themselves:

1. The demise of the old model of church

2. Growing churches will innovate beyond weekend services

3. The vision for the future will become clearer

4. Attendance will normalize (and you’ll have a new church)

5. Hybrid church will simply become church

6. In-person will become more personal

7. Information will move online and transformation will move to in-person

8. Location-independent church members will increase

9. Pastors will sense a diminished authority

10. The brain drain will become acute

11. The exit of uninvested investors (a recalibration in giving)

12. Less predictability

You can read the explanation for each of these trend here.

Let’s talk about it.

What are your thoughts about this? Are there trends you are seeing that are not mentioned here? How are you and your team responding to the trends you see?



Spot on, Ive noticed that younger people are coming back to the church and our methods have to evolve not only to reach them but to keep


David Mark Coffee
David Mark Coffee
Mar 04, 2022

My Thoughts:

There are several things that grabbed my attention from this post but what gripped me the most was the importance of leading from the Future.

In my opinion, this is what God consistently did with the great leaders in scripture. Most of the time, they were given assignments or instructions that did NOT fit the culture or the NORM at the time.

This is an area that I believe we all need to improve in because sometimes we become so enamored with the great movements and traditions of the past that we are unprepared for the future.

I believe that we can honor, appreciate, value and gain wisdom from the things of the past BUT we shouldn't create…

Replying to

Awesome reflections, David. I was just reading about the transition between Moses and Joshua in Numbers 27:12-23. Moses represented where Israel had come from, but he prayed for a leader who could take them where they needed to to - "Give them someone who will guide them wherever they go...".

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