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"Frederick Douglas says it is better to build boys than to heal men, but we must also heal men who can build boys." ~Jason Perry



Virtual Mentoring 

Twice monthly men of all ages and backgrounds gather to learn with other men and from other men how to be better men, husbands and fathers.

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Gatekeepers Advances


The Gatekeepers Advance is a gathering of men of all ages that will empower them to:

1. Reclaim their place as Gatekeepers of 

themselves, their families and their communities.

2. Rebuild their walls by overcoming inadequacy and restoring self confidence.


Gatekeepers Mentor Training

Virtual Training

The Gatekeeper Mentor Training focuses on building up potential mentors for the Gatekeepers: Next Generation programs through personal healing, teaching the importance of mentoring, understanding the next generation, and helping individuals develop and refine their mentoring skills.

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