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"It is better to build boys than to heal men." ~Fredrick Douglas







Image by Daniel Öberg


Virtual mentoring program via Powered by Action App

If you want to change the direction of a ship, you don’t look to the sailors, you identify the Captain. Our class this year is about ‘Becoming CAPTAINS’. CAPTAINS are transformational leaders who can influence others and change the world.


We will be examining eight qualities that transformational leaders understand:

  • Community

  • Accountability

  • Purpose

  • Teamwork

  • Academic Success

  • Integrity

  • Next Generation Focus

  • Service

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

Pathway to Leadership

Virtual mentoring program via Powered by Action App

This program focuses on empowering students for self-leadership. It will teach them to learn to lead themselves - and then others - to the best life possible. We will explore six road markers on this pathway to leadership:

  • Developing a Life Code

  • Knowledge

  • Personal Discipline

  • Perseverance

  • Purposeful Living

  • Respect for Others

Image by Alex Rodríguez Santibáñez

Chasing Greatness

Virtual mentoring program via Powered by Action App

If LeBron James is such a great basketball player, why did it take him so long to begin winning championships?


This class will look at the changes that he needed to make in order to become the winner that everyone thought he had the potential to become. Our class will examine how students can make those same changes in their own lives to unlock their potential to win at every level of life by learning the following:

  • Setting Your Goals

  • Building Your Team

  • Developing Your Skills

  • Developing Your Winning Mindset    

Image by Alex Rodríguez Santibáñez

Seven Pillars of a man

Virtual mentoring program via Powered by Action App

This training will teach seven pillars of a man who has taken control of his life:

  • Emotionally Healthy

  • Community Conscious

  • Family Focused

  • Spiritually Aware

  • Financially Literate

  • Academically Prepared

  • Technologically Astute

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