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About Us

Founded in 1997, Jason Perry started Oak Tree Ministries- an organization that provided leadership development trainings for youth workers in churches. Jason's impact extended internationally as he trained individuals across India and Africa in partnership with the Emerging Young Leaders organization. Adding to his global reach, Jason partnered with groups in India, South Africa, Togo, Guatemala, and Kenya to distribute his book How Far Can You Go? and provided subsequent training on the book material. Since then, How Far Can You Go? has been translated to French and Spanish to increase accessibility.

Undergoing a name change to better reflect the desire to serve a wider population, Jason renamed Oak Tree Ministries to Oak Tree Leadership in 2015. Since then, Oak Tree Leadership has expanded to include Suzanne Bush, Director of Programs and Digital Resources. Broadening his scope, Jason nor provides professional leadership development for schools, social service agencies, and businesses. Jason places an emphasis on empowering fathers and investing in the next generation. Most recently, Oak Tree Leadership has embraced the digital-heavy era by creating virtual leadership mentoring programs. While our team has impacted many lives, we desire to keep increasing our impact so that everyone globally has access to leadership services. 


Provide resources that increase leadership effectiveness in four key areas: school, family, church, and business

Image by Noah Buscher


Support families, communities, and organizations in transforming through the development of individuals who have come to understand their identity, purpose and power

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